Monday, September 29, 2008

What's On YOUR List? Four Life Lists Designed To Help You Discover What You REALLY Want Out Of Life

In my travels across the digital landscape we've come to know, love and be addicted to known as the internet I've come across a few people who have also realized the cleansing properties of the so-called "life list."  What people don't seem to know about, however is the existence of other forms of life lists that are just as good at self discovery.  In addition to the life list where you write down things you simply want to do before you die there is the following, to name only three...

  • The Amends List
  • The "What's Wrong With My Life" List
  • The "Who I've Harmed" List
Let's take a look at each of them.

The Amends List

Have you ever seen the show "My Name Is Earl?"  If you haven't it's about a man who was not living the best life.  After winning $100,000.00 from a lottery scratch off ticket he is hit by a car.  After some reflection he realizes that "karma" is telling him that if he does good things for people good things will happen to him.  He decides to make a list of all the people he has harmed and make amends to them.

The idea of an amends list is not a new one.  It has been a necessity of 12 step groups since the 1930's and before that it was a staple of the "Oxford Groups."  

By writing down a list of all the things you've done wrong to others (and to yourself,) and taking steps to make it up to those you've offended, you begin to learn that you are not evil.  You are not bad.  You've done bad and evil things, sure but by making amends, you learn to not identify with your misdeeds and furthermore, you learn not to make those same mistakes again.

The "Who I've Harmed" List

Of course, unless you know who you've harmed, you can't make amends to them.  By writing down a list of people you've harmed (once again, yourself included),  you can then write a list of what you've done to them.  

The "What's Wrong With My Life" List

Doing this list feels like a soul cleansing.  The idea comes from Bill Fergusons Mastery Of Life website.  What you do is write down everything you have wrong in your life right now and take steps to fix them.  It doesn't matter how big or how small.  Got a nail in your wall that's driving you crazy?  Write that down on the list.  Been in a hit and run accident that was your fault?  Write that down too.  Then get to work fixing the things in your list.

Imagine how you'll feel if you complete twenty five percent of your list.  How about 50%?  75%?  The more you complete the better you'll feel.

And of course the "Stuff You Wanna Do Before You Die" List.

You already know how to do that one.  I won't go into this one since you're watching me complete my list.

By doing any one of these lists, you will see a change in your life without even realizing it.  Sure some of it's hard.   If you have trouble, start with the small stuff first.  That'll make it easier to get done with.  And when you complete an item, celebrate!  You deserve it!


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Hi. Found your blog thru BE. I find your posts very original and enlightning. I enjoy browsing through your entries. ^_^

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Wow, great insight into Life Listing. We just launched in beta and I would love to get your thoughts. You may even want to celebrate one of your experiences by sharing a story with the community?


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