Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nothing Has Changed. I've Seen a Broadway Play!

So I've returned from the much disputed Broadway Play. Rather I should say that I've returned from viewing the broadcast of the Broadway Play and now I have what I consider to be a valid reason for sticking to my guns about crossing it off my list.

I've been to live plays before. I've just never seen one on Broadway. True, when I wrote it down on the list I fully intended to see it on Broadway but was open to other interpretations. Now let me tell you why seeing the play broadcast live from Broadway is just as valid as going to New York and seeing it there.

Having been to a live play I can say that often it's difficult to see whats going on. You don't get all the angles and close-ups you see in a movie. You have one angle of vision and that gets worse if you are sitting in the nosebleed seats. What I saw today was all of the emotion and joy and pain that I just wouldn't be able to see unless I was in the first five rows of an auditorium on Broadway.

Therefore, to those of you who left comments on my MySpace page saying that I wouldn't get the same experience as going to see it live, I say that not only was the experience as good as live it could have been interpreted as better. There, I said it.

But, like I promised, if the poll I've posted says that I don't get to cross it off, then I don't get to cross it off. It looks like all you naysayers might lose this one though, according to the results as of this writing. Heh heh heh.

P.S. By the way, Rent will never be shown on Broadway again since this was the last performance. If you get a chance to see it or if there's ever a DVD of the performance that I saw, I encourage you to check it out. It was much better than the Hollywood-ization of the play, even though I liked that too.


cltgrace said...

Here by way of your comment at T Glinka's blogspot. I'm with some of the others who've commented regarding your Broadway experience. To thine own self be true. If your heart's desire was to see a Broadway play on Broadway - don't cross it off just yet until you live that experience. If you are indeed satisfied with the experience you've just lived, cross it off. However, you could just as easily cross off many other experieices such as the Olympics. However, nothing truly captures the spirit of the experience like being there - living it, breathing it - seeing & hearing it live.

I've been to a Broadway play on Broadway & watched it via media. I've been to the Olympica games & felt/seen/heard the spirit of the games coursing though the crowds. There is nothing like it.

So keep it or cross it off, but don't cheat yourself. It's your list - your heartsongs. Sing it yourself or watch someone else sing it. Either way, blessings in your journey.

Arthur said...

Dangit Loy, don't cross it off! That's my opinion, however, it's your list. A "Broadway play" is different than a "play on Broadway", therefore I believe technically it would be up to your interpretation to whether or not you met the definition. If you said "a play on Broadway", you can't cross it off, however if you just wanted to see a play that was on Broadway once upon a time but now devoid of the allure of NY...I guess you could cheat yourself and cross it off.