Sunday, September 21, 2008

Revisiting Number 45

Today is a good day.

It's a good day because I got up before the alarm went off a second time. It's a good day because I got laundry done. And it's especially a good day because I was able to cross another item off of the list of things to do before I die.

Moving away from the eliminating debt item that I'm in the process of completing right now I was able to retry item #45: the perfect omelet.

According to, cooking the perfect omelet is one of the things that every man should know how to do. I'm inclined to agree since I've grown accustomed to one pot meals like spaghetti and chicken and rice. I say accustomed to but the right word is stuck. Three meals a day of spaghetti or chicken and rice is... well it just ain't right.

So having a big ol' stuffed omelet was a personal triumph for me. Not just the omelet itself but also the actions involved in creating the omelet. The searching of the ingredients in my refridgerator. The beating of the eggs to perfect yellow-ness. The waiting for the right time to add the turkey and ham and tomato and avocado (yes, avocado).

The moment of completion when I'm able to slide the gigantic egg burrito out of my non stick electric skillet onto my plate and sit down with a cup of coffee reading my email. If you haven't done this or something similar, you should. Do it. That's an order.

Before we begin with our culinary masterpiece, let me tell you the basics:

  1. Beat two eggs
  2. In a separate pan, saute the ingredients you want in a pan. Don't wait to do this when the eggs are in a pan because it'll be too late.
  3. When the eggs have set add your ingredients and fold it over. Turn it only once and serve.
A word about perfection:

Perfection is not what you think. There is no such thing except subjectivly. Perfection is in the process, the journey. For example, when I began this morning I realized that I had no idea what sauteeing was. I thought it was heating up stuff in a pan. It isn't.

Also, my omelet was just the right color for me but it might not have been for you. Take a look:

This is how it looked in the skillet:

Actually this isn't a very good picture as I'm still learning how to use my camera phone but it's very yellow and it's really overstuffed, which is waht I wanted.

Some people however like a little more brown and not so filled up. In fact my next attempt will be with less fillings and I won't forget to add the cheese this time. :-)

Cheese or no cheese, it was an example of the perfect omelet. It was incredibly delicious and the process of making it and serving it and sitting at my laptop gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It gave me a feeling of what it's like to be a grown up.

Not to mention that now I can cross it off.

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Messed Up said...

looks as if you have a good start on you list good luck. (I think i need to make a list)

the omelet looks good, I made french toast for the fist time for the kids the other day.I guess that will not be on my list lol.

like the blog hope to be reading a lot more thing crossed of the list soon.