Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Naysayers Suck...

Alright, the results of the Broadway Play poll are in!  And it looks like I am the winner!  That's right, I get to cross that particular item off my list.


It seems that the naysayers have planted a lil bug in my brain about the experience and how I won't really enjoy it unless I go to Broadway and see it for myself.

You suck, naysayers.

So now I really wanna go to Broadway and really see a Broadway Play.  In person.  In the front row.

So I'll make a compromise with you.  I'll cross off the item but add a new one that says that I wanna really see a Broadway Play in person.

Will that make you happy?

But you know, I'm a freakin' barista at a freakin' Starbucks.  So you know I'm not making any money no matter how great the benefits are.  So maybe if you wanna donate to the cause I won't be so mad at'cha for making me change my mind.  

But do not worry.  I am no panhandler.  Even if you don't donate, I'm still gonna save up for a trip to New York.  But any donations will be gratefully accepted.

But naysayers...

You still suck.

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