Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Broadway Plays. In New York or In Mira Mesa It Still Counts!

Okay, here's the deal. Number 83 of the list of things to do before I die states and I quote: "See a Broadway play." Not see a Broadway play on Broadway.

So tomorrow I'm going to go see a live broadcast of the Broadway play "Rent" at the local movie theatre here in Mira Mesa. It's being broadcast on screen from Broadway.

So it was my plan to cross off number 83 when I got back home since in my eyes I've seen a Broadway play broadcast from New York. I say it counts.

Kristina S., one of the more attractive baristas at the Starbucks I work at says that that doesn't count. She says I have to actually go to New York and see a Broadway play.

Even though I know I'm right I'm willing to hold off crossing off this item until my readers make the decision. If you look to the right of this post, you'll see that I've put up a poll. If you guys think that dumb ol' Kristina S. is right, well you can pick the wrong option which is no.

If you think that cool, groovy, extremely handsome me is right then pick the right answer, "yes."

I'll have the results of the poll on the 30th of September.

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makeuadrink said...

I just have to say that I've been to Broadway to see a show more than once and it will not have near the same impact without you being there live. You have the rest of your life to go to the Big Apple and do it right! Don't cross it off your list until you enjoy the entire experience. You can't feel that kind of energy through a broadcast. Trust me on this.