Saturday, October 11, 2008

Starbucks #551 - R. I. P.

Breaking away from the Eliminating Debt topic for the moment, I'd like to express a little sadness for the loss of Starbucks Store number 551.  That's right folks, the store I work at is one of the 600 closing.  In memoriam I'd like to share some of the quotes collected over the past few months.

These quotes were recorded in a little beige book the store sold.  After the first quote was spoken we decided to write them in.

At first glance they don't seem to make any sense.  But just imagine the kind of conversation that led to them.

  • "I hate the feeling of wet when I'm dry."
  • "But, I thought that the brothers... like... meat.
  • "I'm not too fond of foreign exchange students."
  • "I hope I just didn't cut the inside of my nose.  I was trying to dig something out with a paper towel."
  • "What's this warm liquid going down my leg?"
  • "Wanna fork?"  "No.  Wanna spoon?"
  • "You have really big wrists!"
  • "You're like that green, smashy person."
  • "Are you all right?"  "No, I think a bug was crawling up my nose."
  • "One time I sprained both of my wrists at the same time.  It hurt a lot... That's why I'll never work at a chicken processing plant again.  I was poppin' thighs."
  • "What a Mexican... he spent all his money on booze and makeup."
  • "Ashlee dropped a banaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaa."
  • "Loy, are you gonna pop thighs?"  "I'll pop your thighs."
  • "Ow!"  "You okay?"  "This is going to sound really embarrassing but I pinched my belly fat when I was leaning against the counter."
So that's it.  Very lame yes but when I remember the conversations they were attached to, I giggle uncontrollably.  I'm gonna miss that store with my old friends.  

No worries though.  I'll make new friends.  And I get to keep the old ones thanks to the power of the text.  Thank God for affordable cell phones.

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Judy said...

"My ravioli doesn't have a pop top."