Thursday, November 13, 2008

Three Goal Setting Tips That Will Change Your Life

Three Goal Setting Tips That Will Change Your Life

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As I was cruising the net looking for life list related information I came across this article. If you want to start a list of your top 100 life goals (or more, or less), a good way to get started is to know how to set a good goal in the first place.

Roughly, the three goal setting tips go a little like this:

1. Where are you going?

Basically the act of writing out your top 100 life goals. It may take you a few minutes, it may take you a week but it's important to get it done. The good thing about writing a life list is that you don't ever have to "finish" it. You can keep writing and adding items up to the very last day you walk on this earth. I don't write that to seem maudlin... I mean use that list of 100 life goals to live, not simply to read.

2. Let's get specific.

Gotta admit, I haven't been exactly on the money with this one. Essentially, it means taking the easier ones and making plans for them, if not going out and doing them anyway. Be as anal retentive as you can without being to big an a-hole to yourself about it. Don't plan yourself into not reaching that goal.

Then, as your list gets smaller, do the same thing with the more difficult items. One thing I have to add here... put a date on that sucker! Pick a date and a time that you'll have it done! Okay, I'm done yelling.

3. It's in the want to, you'll find the how to

To me this means that you must find some reasons to do the things you want to do. I'm convinced that's the reason many people aren't really happy when they get the things they think they want. They don't have good reasons.

I once read somewhere, I don't remember which blog or website it was that if you can find twenty reasons to achieve a goal you have made a great start. If you can find fifty or a hundred? There's no stopping you. So find those reasons if you want your top 100 life goals to become a list of your already finished life goals.

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techniqueal t. said...

very wise words. i enjoyed reading this.

i like your blog! it makes me ponder on the most important things in life.

keep it up!